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No Russian Collusion!

After 14 months of investigating Russian collusion with the Trump campaign, GOP members of the Intel Committee find there was NO RUSSIAN COLLUSION.   They are drafting a report that outlines their findings.  Rep. Mike Conaway, a committee member, said, “We interviewed 73 witnesses, looked at 300,000+ documents and held 9 hearings to try and find what there might be….We’ve seen no evidence of Russian collusion with the Trump OH THERE’S MORE

Free Speech – Liberal Logic on Net Neutrality vs. Twitter Regulations

If you thought the fight over Net Neutrality was over, think again.  Senate Democrats, led by Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts, presented a resolution to undo the FCC’s repeal just this week.

Hysteria hit in December when the FCC eliminated the Obama era regulations on Net Neutrality.  The Democrats were in full panic mode as if the internet would be disappearing overnight or so expensive no one could afford to ever have the internet again. More on the drama HERE…

Billy Graham Impacted My Life

Watching the funeral of Billy Graham yesterday, there were countless speakers from around the globe speaking of how Rev. Graham impacted their life.  I listened as one after another spoke of his unfailing love for Jesus Christ and his desire to spread the Gospel message to anyone that would listen.  I have never seen Billy Graham in person PLEASE CONTINUE READING

SCHOOL SHOOTINGS – Diary of a Teacher

More school shootings, another dialogue about gun control, mental illness and a nation divided. Below are my experiences in education and in life with mental illness and school safety and my ideas how to help reduce school shootings in America.


As a High School Assistant Principal, one of the main jobs is discipline.  Doling out discipline doesn’t exactly endear you to the troubled students you see weekly – we call them frequent flyers.  Every year I met some student that sent up red flags to me.   SEE MORE OF MY STORY

Trump Hits Home Run in State of the Union (SOTU) – Democrats Didn’t Get the Memo

As I reflect back on when President Trump gave his America First State of the Union (SOTU) speech, I think wild cheers from the Right and angry stares from the Left pretty much sums up the evening.  It was obvious from the start how the evening might go when Democrats even refused to stand and honor the President’s arrival.  This is a long-standing tradition not honoring the man, but the office. READ MORE ABOUT THE SOTU


Outrage! That is the only way to describe the reaction to the Kate Steinle murder verdict.

Twitter went crazy as word spread that an illegal alien who was a felon and deported five times admitted to shooting Kate and somehow was found innocent. The jury found Jose Ines Garcia Zarate guilty of possessing a gun as a felon, but stopped short at finding him guilty of using that same gun to shoot Kate Steinle to death. READ MORE

So President Trump Ticked-Off People in 2017? – It’s About Time!

Decision after decision, President Trump worked hard in 2017 to fulfill his campaign promises.  Left and right, he is ticking people off and his supporters love it.  The world, not just America, is so used to decades of hearing nice platitudes and words spoken with just the right tone yet nothing ever gets accomplished.  There’s a new sheriff in town and the “Deplorable” can’t get enough.  KEEP READING!